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Team of Volunteers supporting Ukraine Relief Efforts

Grace Evangelical Church (GEC) is a Slavic church in Columbus, Ohio with many members who have family, friends and loved ones in Ukraine. We are devastated by the current war in Ukraine. We are partnering with a International Humanitarian Hub and local churches/organizations to send aid and monetary assistance to local churches, orphanages, refugee shelters and charity organizations. We have our distribution center in Western Ukraine and more than 100 partners in Ukraine over 350 volunteers. Please consider joining us in giving to help aid Ukraine!  

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Impact of Your Donations

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Kherson, Ukraine

“Thank you for bringing us bread and clothes. This gives us hope to service the cold winter"
Aid supplies needed

To continue sending supplies and help Ukrainians effected by war below is the list of donations that we are accepting. Please call/text 503-676-4604 to drop off the donations 

Preserved Food


Grains, oil, sugar, salt, flour, nuts, nut butters, canned meat, canned fish, granola, protein bars, ready to eat meals, dried soups, pasta, tea bags, coffee, hot cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, powdered milk.

Prescription Medication


First aid kits, blood clotting material, gloves, dressings & bandages, splints, tourniquets, antibiotic ointment, kids medicine, multivitamins (kids & adults), over-the-counter medications

Sanitizing Products


Feminine products, hygiene products, dental care, body cleansing wipes, soap bars, dish soap, detergent.

Cute Baby Items


Formula, baby food pouches (no glass), baby cereals, diapers, wipes, warm blankets, clean clothes, shoes.

Hardware Tools

Building Tools

Urgent: Battery powered tools, hammers, shovels, nail guns and construction equipment. We have a great need to purchase Bob Cat or small Tractor to clean up debris.

Girl in Warm Clothes


New shirts, pants, shoes, underwear, socks, sweathers

Support via Amazon

We have curated a list of highly needed items. Follow the link to purchase them via your Amazon store. Your donation will ship directly to the church

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