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Grace Evangelical Church is a nonprofit organization based in Columbus Ohio that in response to the war in Ukraine, we were moved to help people affected by the Humanitarian Crisis. By God’s grace, Grace Evangelical Church, has been able to establish logistics by air and sea on a weekly basis to Ukraine from Columbus Ohio. On the base of our church, we have around 250 volunteers that prepare supplies which are donated from all over the US by different individuals, organizations, hospitals, and churches. Emergency aid like medical supplies are flown to Amsterdam and then transported by semi-truck to Ukraine. The shipping containers with all other aid go to Poland and then transported to western Ukraine. To date, we have sent over 150 tons of medical aid by air valued more than $5 million dollars and also shipped over 50 containers by sea.

In the beginning of March, we set up the International Humanitarian Hub as a neutral location for organizations, churches and volunteers to distribute aid. There are up to 24 people working at the distribution center including doctors and nurses who process up to 25 shipments a day. Everyone, regardless of their faith, has an opportunity to access the aid through a process that allows us to remain accountable as to which aid goes where at what time. Requests are sent in, and then approved for delivery on the condition that they would provide documentation that the aid was delivered to them in the form of a photo, video, or thank you letter. On the way back from the deliveries, we evacuate any refugees trying to flee the war.

Our priorities are to help:
#1. People in the war zone
#2. Hospitals that treat the wounded
#3. Refugees and the organizations that receive them

With God’s help, we were able to do this work to help Ukraine. With your support, we hope to provide this continuous aid for the next 5-6 years to help the Ukrainian people through the war and post-war. God willing, Grace Evangelical Church can continue to serve those in need long after the war in Ukraine is over. To God be the glory.

Group of Volunteers for Ukraine Relief Efforts
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